Sunday, 4 January 2015

New year. New mind set.

I was going to post something along the theme of my blog, but then I changed my mind. This first (and very short) post of 2015 I thought could be concerned with resolutions, motivation, and continuing into the next chapter. Now, I don't usually have resolutions for the new year, but last year I did have one. It was a very ambitious one that I didn't really think through properly and how it would affect my other goals. In the end it didn't work out the way I wanted it to. Many people don't believe in having resolutions for the new year, they instead like to see the new year as a continuation from the last, and believe that you can set yourself resolutions at any time you want. I do sort of agree with this view, but I like to see periods of time defined. Even if 2015 continues form 2014, I would like to look at 2014 as the year I achieved *amazing goal/s* for myself. Then by 2015 I can grow from that. So, where does this leave me, certainly not having a very ambitious new year's resolution. No, I will start off with a small monthly resolution, see how far I can go with the simple. I will then try to slowly develop (in whatever I'm doing/ setting goals for) over the year without much expectation into how far the goals may take me. I do have a new year's resolution, (setting small goals throughout the year, which might lead to something greater by the end of it), but a less difficult one. This way I don't have to think to myself "oh it can wait, I have a whole year to achieve it".
Hopefully this tactic can keep me motivated, who knows, I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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