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Revlon Haul

Christmas is the time of the year when people are supposed to be generous, give to others and spend time with family. The next day is what I like to think of as the selfish Christmas, the day when you can treat yourself a little bit, Boxing day. Many retailers try to get rid of old stock in order to make room for something new. The city goes mad with shoppers as they all try to get special deals on many goods that would not usually be on discounted prices. I too like those many shoppers decided to see if bargains awaited for me. The cosmetics industry did not disappoint, and I am quite happy with some of the Revlon products I purchased. I own/ have owned some Revlon products such as lipsticks and face products. I do have mixed feelings for these, as I love some of them, however others not so much. This post will discuss none of that though. I will only focus on the items I purchased, and this includes lip glosses, lip stains, lipstick and a mascara.

First on the list are the Colorburst lip glosses. These came in a pack of four, so I couldn't really choose the colours from the entire range. I did buy them though because I loved some of the options.

This first Colorburst is in the colour Peony (008). Initially this was the one I liked best just by looking at the box it was in. It looks like a very peachy pink, very natural, and something I could wear on a day to day basis.

When I tried it on, the colour did not impress me as much as I thought it would. The reason for this is, it wasn't as pigmented as I wanted it to be. The gloss only enhanced the pink on my lips, and made them look quite shiny, it did not really make a major difference. I would recommend wearing this gloss over some lipstick or if you wish to achieve that no make-up make-up look. Sometimes I do like to line my lips and add gloss for more definition, Peony is a little bit translucent for this though.

This next shade is called Orchid (012). It is very similar to Peony, but a little bit more on the pink side rather than the red.

Wearing this one is also nice for an everyday natural look (at least for my pale skin tone). I prefer it more than Peony because it looks more pigmented and less translucent, which means I would be more likely to wear it on its own. Conveniently I can match it up with a suitable lipstick or with some lip liner. I tried to take the photos in the same light. I guess I failed a little bit in terms of image quality because Peony and Orchid look almost identical in the lip photos, but they are different on my lips.

My first impression of Adorned (060) was that it looked like a shade I wouldn't really wear. The colour is a very strong hot pink with a lot of blue or violet like sparkles. I thought that this was clashing and would not look that nice on lips.

When I tried it on I actually fell in love with it. It surpassed my expectations. This is not a colour that I would usually wear considering the brightness and intensity. Adorned proved me wrong, and changed my opinion. The consistency was rich and made my lips plump, which is what I like in a good lip gloss.

Lastly there is Embellished (056). This was my other favourite colour from when I first saw the box. I love deep warm, dark tones, and I thought that this one would not fail me.

Like Peony, Embellished was not very pigmented, and I did not like it as much as I thought I would. I would recommend applying this one in addition to a lipstick. This does depend on your natural lip colour though If you have a different tone to your lips than mine, or less pale skin than mine, then it might be good on it own.

Over all I am happy with these Colorbursts, but not ecstatic. I was hoping for some of them to be more pigmented than they were, nonetheless the application was smooth with all. The viscosity was quite nice and there was no undesirable scent.

The next set of products that will be outlined are the Colorstay moisture stains. I am so happy that I have finally got my hands on some of these.

What is also really exciting about them is that their names are after major cities around the globe. I shall start off with the lightest (of the ones I have), Barcelona Nights (015).

This stain promised to be exactly what I hoped it would be, fun looking, and vibrant but not too bright. I would most likely be wearing this one in summer, or for a semi-casual special occasion.

Going darker, and a little more red is the beautiful New York Scene (045). This is my favorite, it is something that I can imagine myself wearing in winter on an everyday basis, or for a red lip occasion.

It was slightly lighter when I tried it on, I do find that I have to layer a little bit, but the colour is worth it. All of my photos were taken in bright natural light, so this stain can appear darker in shadier places.

I was very excited to find out that there was a purple coloured one in the range. This one is called Parisian Passion (005). Like New York Scene, I can easily wear it during the colder times of the year or for evening occasions . It is also a great colour to pair with a dark lipstick or lip liner.

I did find that I had to layer this stain like New York Scene. What happens though, when you wear it, your lips get stained, so the more you layer the longer your lips will remain stained (or it can be harder to take the stain off). I wore these for a whole day, and they do stay. The sheen does fade, especially after meals, so I did have to reapply. What is also tricky with these stains is that they take quite a bit of effort to take off as I mentioned earlier. I layered New York Scene and Parisian Passion on my lips several times, so it was almost impossible for me to take off the stains. Overall I am very happy with all three of these products, probably my favorites from this haul. They made my lips feel so fresh and smooth (and remain in this way for a long while). They did have a slight fresh scent to them, and this for me, added to the freshness factor upon application.

I do own lipsticks from Revlon, however none from the Colorburst Lip Butter range. The reason for this is, I always thought that this range would be too shear and lack in pigmentation. There was a Christmas gift pack with a ColorBurst Lip Butter (that included nail polishes I wanted), so I got it. If it is something that I learned after this purchase is to never judge a book by its cover.

Not only did the lipstick look bright and pigmented, once I applied it, it looked so much better. The colour that came in my package was Sweet Tart (090).

When I first opened the lipstick I thought that the colour on my lips would be similar to Barcelona Nights or Adorned. To my surprise, the shade turned out to be a soft almost pastel pink. The consistency was also amazing, I got excellent coverage as well as good shine on my lips. I have not tried other colours from this range, but I think I will now because I am extremely happy with this product. The colour and consistency combination make it a great lipstick that can be dressed up or down, suitable for various occasions.

This next and final product is not a lip product. I thought I would review it anyway because it can be worn on its own in a simple look with most of the lip products mentioned. It is a Revlon mascara called Lash Potion  Volume + Length Mascara by Grow Luscious, in the colour Blackest Black Noir Intense (001). I have not owned any Revlon mascaras before, I'm a little too picky when it comes to mascaras, so I play it safe and experiment little. This mascara though came in the pack with the Colorburst Lip Butter. I was feeling curious and wanted to try something new, so I had another reason to get the pack.

When I first opened the bottle I was impressed by the brush, it was quite big and wide with many bristles. I know I am more likely to trust a mascara with a wider brush, because mascaras with thinner brushes have usually failed me. So far so good I thought, next up, it was time to try it on.

I applied one coat on my top lashes only. There are pros and cons to this mascara. What I love about the Lash Potion is that my lashes were clump free, they also extended a fair amount (possibly could have extended more if I applied more than just one coat). The volume I was not as happy with, I prefer really full lashes, and this mascara did not provide the volume that I had hoped for. I would suggest this mascara to be worn if you want to achieve a really natural look; there is a bit of volume, enough length and no clumps. My recommendation is to match the Lash potion with a lip product such as Orchid, or New York Scene for a casual look.

Overall I am pleased with these products, and would wear most of them on a regular basis.

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