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Spring/Summer 2015 Favourites

So here in Australia we are a bit behind on the band wagon when it comes to new fashion, and it's not our fault that the summer season in the fashion industry begins in the middle of the year. This means that we will have to wait until next year to wear what the trends offer. This isn't so bad, but it can get annoying when you fall in love with something that is going to be in trend, and retailers in your local city can't offer it. By the time they do begin selling whatever it is that you wanted, you might be over your phase, or into something new.

For my summer fashion inspiration I decided to take a look at what some to designers have to offer in their 2015 Spring/ Summer collections. It is summer here and it is 2015, so why not take some inspiration.


Hermes - ready to wear Paris fashion week.

This dress is absolutely beautiful. It's in a great colour of pink, very faded and subtle. The style looks like something that belongs on a Greek or Roman goddess, and it is also very simple. This dress is perfect for summer, it drapes down, it looks comfortable and loose, and the light colour can reflect the sun light.

ZAC Zac Posen: ready to wear.

This is another stunning garment, I am in love with the colours. This dress speaks to me of the beach, tropical wonderland, and summer perfection. My favourite detail is that it is slightly shorter at the front (it still has the maxi format) and then breezes out into length at the back.

Les Copains: ready to wear Milan fashion week.

If you are feeling more edgy, but still want something comfortable for summer, then this dress is your ticket. I love how this dress tries to show off the human body, but at the same time it hides so much. It looks like something that would be great for warm days. Even though the colours are on the dark side, it looks like you won't get too hot in it due to the light, see-through material at the bottom, and open sleeveless top.

Dolce&Gabbana: ready to wear Milan fashion week.

Before I comment on the outfit I have to let you know that this is one of my favourite S/S 2015 runways. It is inspired by the 'heritage of the Spanish culture on Sicily’s history', and the extravagant details on simple designs is just amazing. If you would like to watch it I recommend the edit on the Dolce&Gabbana YouTube channel, I have put the link below.

In terms of this outfit, I actually think it's a top with a skirt, I could be wrong though (its close up is cut in the edit). Either way, the gems are stunning, their layout suits this concept really well. The skirt is something I would wear, it looks loose, wavy, and carefree, but at the same time it shows some maturity. I also love fairy tales and this looks like it could be in one, so more bonus points to you Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana, well done on this beautiful runway and collection.

Shorts and Pants:

Anna Sui: ready to wear fashion Mercedes-Benz fashion week.
This outfit as a whole is stunning. The colours are so natural, perfect for many day occasions. The floral elements give the a delicate touch and a nice pop of colour. I love the jacket matched, I know it's a little bit out there, but it makes such a bold statement. The shoes finish off the outfit perfectly, they shine, they match the flowers and the bold statement this simple design is trying to make. I want it (even though I'm a dress person in summer).

Emporio Armani: ready to wear Milan fashion week.

Many designers today design women's clothes in a way of what society expects women's clothes to be like - feminine, delicate, mainly dresses, (fashion week has a lot more of them (and skirts) than shorts or pants), or curvy ... etc. You get the picture. I love diversity in women's clothes, and I am so glad that the Emporio collection had some women's clothes that are less conventional. These outfits are perfect for an everyday look. The blazers are my favourite element, they are very chic, simple and blend with the striped shorts. This is a fantastic look for summer, you can take off the blazer if you: are out of the sun, go inside, or get too hot. At the same time you can leave it on if a cool breeze hits you or if you just want to protect your arms from UV.

Karen Walker: ready to wear New York fashion week.

The oxfords, the scarf, the sunnies, there is not one thing on this outfit that I dislike. I love my nudes, and I could not be more pleased. I love how the focus is more on the yellow and gold tones through the scarf edges, the shorts, and the shine on the shoes. My favourite element is definitely the jacket, it has a poncho shape, and when matched with everything else, it makes the outfit more interesting and unique.

Topshop: ready to wear London fashion week.

Up next I have to comment on two outfits. I tried to restrain myself to just one outfit per label, but I couldn't say no to these.

Firstly the shorts onsie, it is very, very simple in terms of its design. The way it has been put together though is a different story. Its simplicity goes a long way. The white really complements the boldness of the red lips, crimson belt, and red bag and heels. This is a very classic look, with elements from previous decades (1950's especially), but with a modern twist. What's not to like?

The second outfit simply gorgeous. I am loving these pants, they are skinny and high-wasted, and they come to an end at the seen before crimson belt. They don't have much going on, but when you put them together with that singlet, there is a story to be told. In summer here (where UV is a problem), I don't feel like wearing a maxi all the time (when I want to protect my legs from the sun), I do like to wear pants, and I would 100% wear this.

Now it isn't summer without hitting the beach or swimming, especially in Australia, so here is some swimwear.

Moschino: ready to wear Milan fashion week.

This bikini is what I need. The colours are everything that I have ever wanted in a bikini; elements of strong aquatic blue, and a bright and bold colour, in this case it happens to be yellow. The design is great, and I love the matching cardigan.

This one piece is adorable. It has so much character in its simple design. The choice of colours tells me that this outfit is going to be fun if I wear it. The blazer match and hand bag are great additions, these really give the piece as a whole more character.

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That is it for this post! I hope that you have found some inspiration for your summer looks.

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