Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Trick or Treat!

It is that time of the year when children can enjoy wondering around their spooky neighborhoods. They enjoy the spooks. They enjoy the orange of the pumpkins, the leaves. They roam for treats as the night falls.

Then there is me, all the way in the southern hemisphere where the days are getting longer and there is not one bit of orange in sight. The scent of spring is everywhere, and to boot many people don't even celebrate Halloween.

I love this time of the year though, and for that one special day I like to pretend that it is autumn (at home). I don't really have much time for parties, mainly because of personal commitments, I will however make some time for a horror film.

In spirit of this celebration I have also decided to decorate a little bit, and I have found some pretty cute decorations. I would go all out, but haven't got the time.

 My choice of sweets includes the usual body parts, in the image below you might be able to see vampire fangs, a thumb and a brain. Then there are the pumpkin marshmallows which I cannot wait to open! Other treats that I will be snacking on as I enjoy the spooks this coming Friday include; snakes, marshmallows, more hard lollies and my all time favorites, sherbet lemons!

I also love dressing up. This year I am keeping it simple with some spiderweb eyelashes, cute devil horns, dark makeup and of course some blood.

That is all for today, have a super spooky awesome Halloween!

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