Sunday, 26 October 2014

Something New

Here I am sitting with a huge pile of work, and I just want to relax. To be honest I have not had a break at all this year. I really want to pursue in a new hobby, something relaxing and enjoyable, so even if I can't take a lot of time off, I can escape somewhere shortly without feeling any stress. I feel as though starting a blog might be a good idea. I can express myself in any way I wish, and that is wonderful considering a lot of activities in my life don't really allow me to do this.

I might start off with a little introduction about myself, firstly, I am into anything artistic. Now, this is a very broad statement, but I can't help but like so many things. I really enjoy cooking, designing, drawing, painting, trying out a lot of make up looks. I also love to enjoy what others have to offer with their creativity. Other things I like include music, summer (I absolutely hate winter, I always get sick and want to hibernate throughout it), fashion, a little bit of gaming, and exploring new places. A small random fact is that Esla from Frozen is one of my Disney idols. She is amazing, and yes she is far from perfect, but that's what makes her so interesting, and I love the journey she goes through  as she builds her inner strength.

I guess the theme of my blogs would be something along the lines of beauty and fashion or on adventures I like to take. I think it will depend on my mood and what I am inspired by in the moment. For now though time to return to my actual reality and crunch through tasks that have been calling out to me ever since I started writing this.


Fruity Marshmallow


  1. Nice motivational quote, looking forward to more posts fruity :)