Sunday, 29 March 2015

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Shimmer Surprise

I am a huge fan of different scents. I love fragrances, I love the different smells that nature has to offer, such as those you can smell by the seaside, in the woods, in a garden with different flora and many more. When it comes to wearing a perfume, I do tend to gravitate towards the sweeter ones, however there are some more natural ones that I really love as well. Recently a friend of mine went traveling and got me such a special gift from Victoria's Secret. She knew how much I was obsessed with anything shiny and she knew that my favourite VS body mist was the 'Love Spell', so she did get me the limited edition Victoria's Secret Love Spell Shimmer Mist. Love Spell is a wonderful fragrance that captures the sweet scent of peach and cherry blossom. The scent isn't too strong, and it's quite refreshing. The last mist I had from Victoria's secret was 'Pure Seduction' this one served me well for a while. I did love it too, but when I was done with it I just continued using my perfumes, and I never bothered to buy a mist. I am very glad that I can add this shimmer mist to my collection, I don't own any, so I was very excited to start using it.

As for the application, if you spray it on your skin, you won't notice anything until the mist dries (unless you apply little), and once it is dry you get this lovely subtle shimmer. I don't like applying too much, two sprays does the trick for me. This mist is great, it looks cute, smells lovely, and I'm sure I can get away with it at any time of the year.

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